Monday, November 01, 2010

Waiting for the Dawn

"... And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn."
- Captain Jean Luc Picard
On the eve of a historic election, this quote seems to express nearly every ounce of anticipation I have for the election results. (And, to be honest, I also feel a pinch of dread that my predictions would be wrong.) In any case, this post isn't about sharing my election predictions (many of which I've already shared here). Rather, this post is about what happens after the election.

What happens on November 3rd? That's the morning our work just gets started. If the election turns out the way many of us expect it to, there will be a large number of upset people: the media, establishment Republicans, and pretty-much the entire Democrat party. And, furthermore, each of these will be working overtime to discredit the election results, and to sabotage the outcome we all anticipate. In other words, they'll all be out to derail any attempt to change the direction of our government in Washington. Any of the tactics that were employed during this election (name-calling, lies, and mud-slinging) will be magnified by a factor of ten. And, more than that, the entire establishment will be out to neuter any of the incoming freshmen Republicans. Our job, then, will be to see to it that we remain vocal enough to let both the Washington establishment and newly-elected Freshmen know that our desires haven't changed, just because we've thrown a few bums out of office. We won't accept anything less than total rollback of the Anti-American agenda currently being implemented by the 'Rats in Congress (and in the White House).

It's our job to see to it that the incoming Freshmen do not lose heart and give in to the Washington establishment who would seek only the preservation of their own power above all else. And that job is just beginning.