Saturday, May 14, 2011

Proposition Twenty

John McClaughery over at The American Thinker sure has his head screwed on straight.  McClaughery lays out the surest solution I've ever seen to our nation's debt crisis, in his article ttitled Proposition Twenty.  In the past, I've excoriated suggestions that we implement a Balanced Budget Amendment due to the fact that it gives the good ole Dems a license to raise taxes, and I've favored other solutions instead (like spending caps based on prior-year GDP).  This article points out some of the reasons my preferred solutions would fail to adequately shut down run-away spending.  His suggestion is elegant in its simplicity -- if only it didn't require a Constiutional Amendment.  But since my proposals have also involved one, I think I can overlook that. 

I think this is an idea worth pursuing. Check out his proposal and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.  Are there gaps in this solution, as well, or any better solutions you've heard of?  I don't claim to have the answers -- but I am deeply concerned about where I see my country heading, and I think we all can be a part of coming up with a solution.  So, thanks to John for setting me straight with a better idea. At the moment, this is the best idea I've seen to get behind.